I am driven by my understanding of how people hear sound and what they take away from it, in order to reveal the complexity and beauty within it.

To do this I experiment with the subjectivity of hearing, by exploring sound bites, and when fragmented as a snippet of a larger piece, how these small fragments can be manipulated to reinterpret an original intention, potentially disrupting the listeners context. As a method I employ the use of placing one thing inside another, an environment within and an environment.


My work is as much an exploration of listening as it is of sound. In 2015 I co-created The Grand Caravan with my partner Dan Goronszy, converting a 1983 Millard Caravan into a portable, beautiful purpose-built sound installation and arts venue. 

I am also a stage manager and audio technician with 25 years of experience as an electronic music DJ.

I am a company member of Polyglot Theatre and Maybe(_)Together.

I am currently studying at Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand School of Music, Te Koki. Completing a Graduate Diploma of Music in Sonic Art.


All audio on this site is in mp3 format. For higher quality downloads please contact me.