Songs of Diversity is a commissioned work with The Village Festival, Edinburgh Gardens.

The project will use intergenerational story telling and live music performance to celebrate diversity in sexuality. 

Performance artists Dan Goronszy, Kat Cornwell and myself will be collecting stories of queer life experience. These stories will be used to inspire young queer songwriters. These songwriters will use them as inspiration to compose/write an original track
This track will be performed live for the first time at The Village Festival, Edinburgh Gardens 2017 (October 30th). Along side this, a sound installation will be created for The Village Festival. This will be a listening area with headphones, people will be able to listen to all the recorded stories verbatim. An activity to promote intergenerational links with the LGBITQ community.

Given the current debate over the same sex marriage plebiscite, the Songs of Diversity Project is a timely celebration of love and human connection, and a welcome reminder that a more diverse community is also a more robust, compassionate, creative, and healthy community.