A change in direction.

A form of conscious response.

Be immersed in REFLECTION.

Reflection was part of a month long sound festival PHANTASMAGORIA April 2017 at the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture. A headphone piece sound walk.


Sharyn Brand invites you into a new environment within the existing environment. What will be your impulse response?

This is a self directed headphone piece sound walk. 

Start in the fireplace bbq area at the old Jacks Tavern carpark.

Start here...

Start here...

With Lake Guy in front of you, give yourself a moment to take in the sounds around you.

Let go of the thoughts and noise in your mind, put on your headphones.

Prepare for deep listening, can you still hear the sounds of the environment?

When you are ready press play and take the walk track to your left towards Junction Dam. 

Reflecting on Lake Guy...

Reflecting on Lake Guy...

You will walk through the dam, when you are through to the other side follow the path straight ahead under the trees to a log where you can sit and reflect.

Through the dam wall...

Through the dam wall...

When the piece is finished there are 2 options for returning to the BCSC.

1. Back through the Dam the way you came, and up through the Village.

2. Take the stairs up and continue along the walk track around Lake Guy. You will be able to view the Village from across the lake. This walk back takes about 25-30min.

Thank you for listening.

sharyn brand