I am... (series) 

The i am… series began with an investigation of identity. Working together with Artist Dan Goronszy, we experimented with sound and sculpture to explore how individuals feel about their individuality and sameness. The collection of pieces are grouped by local area.

The initial development of the idea became I Am Brunswick, presented by Moreland City Council at Better Block, Wilson St.

I Am Brunswick, Better Block Brunswick, City of Moreland. APR 2014
An installation of participation, art and sound. We offered people three elements of interaction, creating multiple layers of engagement. People were able to choose which stations they contribute to over the course of the day. It investigated the identity of Brunswick and its individuals by combining their physical shapes, writings, drawings and sounds.


I Am Moreland, City Of Moreland. Workshops with 3 schools culminating in an Interactive Installation at Children's Week. Oct 2014

I Am Moreland was a community development project in partnership with Moreland City Council and three local Primary schools, Belle Vue, Fawkner and Newlands. The final outcome was held at the Coburg Town Hall Art Space in partnership with the Children’s Services Unit for 2014 Children’s Week.

At each school Dan Goronszy and myself conducted three workshops, leading the children through investigations of identity, belonging and being unique. We worked with the teachers to build on any existing programs around identity. During the workshops the children created a visual and sound installation that wove together all of the individuals in the class, giving us an expression of the combined identities of the students. Through silhouette and collage, recorded voice and musical composition, the children at each school built an animated sculpture. These pieces candidly highlighting that the Moreland Community identity is made up of complex individuals, who are all imperative to its shape.