Beacon was part of the 10th Anniversary of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2017

It all started when...

Sharyn Brand’s multimedia installation transforms The Grand Caravan, into a BEACON.         

A beacon is a device to attract attention and also shine a light on potential danger.
The Grand Caravan will be transformed through light and sound into a beacon in the night. It is a lighthouse of hope and welcoming, and an instrument to light the way to seeing possibility for a new future.

    With BEACON, I aim to shine a light on the history of the area and the constant relocation of peoples "for their own good".     I believe that by illuminating the past and present, we may have a better sense of where we could go in the future.

    The Caravan will have a revolving halogen light inside, shining out of the windows like a lighthouse. This light will be interrupted by cut outs of silhouettes, like shadow puppets, within the windows. These silhouettes will be site responsive, a succession of maps of the Atherton Gardens Precinct, inspired by American artist Denis Wood.
The installation will be accompanied by a soundscape in juxtaposition to the past histories of the site. This may include news broadcast of utopian future outcomes transposed by recorded sounds of the area.